The natural question which comes to everyone's one mind is the use of an innovative system of learning, the Experiential Learning. This is based on the basic premise that experimental learning when imparted is the right blend of theories of management principles and the practitioners experience out of project execution. This thus turns out to be the best mode of learning at the decision making level. This system of learning also provides the new practitioners or entrepreneurs launching on their new ventures, the learnings of an expert and dynamic consultancy during the project period from the inception to the commissioning of the project. The self learning experience helps customization of the business model wherein the core issues remain the same and dynamic issues become either the value additions or provide the contextual framework to the project or both. As the ELL progresses, the Practitioners would become the ELL resource persons and which would help create a movement for this brand of learning, the real Project Management learning. The realm of this learning is comprehensive covering all important sectors of modern human existence and will thus help create a knowledge based society. We are moving towards a knowledge based world. Either we align or perish. In the words of John Dewey: " Experiential Learning take place when a person involved in an activity looks back and evaluates it, determines what was useful or important to remember, and uses this information to perform another activity."


The Resurrection of ELL

Though the variety of movements and their purposes cannot be commented upon in this wide and complex world yet the movements throw up a consistent pattern and ELL does not seem to be an exception. The brilliance of the idea of a novel movement and initiation of the movement in a grandiose manner pales into insignificance as the time passes by. The pull factors of birth gets dissipated and it becomes difficult to imagine as how such positive energies can so simply vanish into the blue. ELL went through this phase from August 2012 to second half of Jan 2013 till it was finally resurrected and today is on its dream run!!! The only saving grace was the initiation of ELL Fulfillment on the 6th of Nov 2012, the apt acronym being FLL. Read more...

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  • Inaugurated – 19th May 2012
  • Events – 20
  • Participants – 8600
  • Locations - 6
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ELL takes this relationship with the people further with collaborative, participative and contributory interaction to be a part of the ELL Movement

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